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Strategy & Performance

A company’s strategy dictates where, how, when, and with what a company will compete in the global market arena.  Poorly defined and unnecessarily complex business strategies lead to poor outcomes for all company stakeholders.  Equally important in the iteration and development of a company’s strategy is its ability to measure and evaluate its strategy.  Infamous wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill put it simply: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”


ICDC has served as a core partner in the development and execution of corporate strategies.   We offer comprehensive strategic review services to understand Client's position relative to competitors, opportunities for revenue enhancement through both product and market development, and cost optimization by evaluating current processes and protocols.  Over 30 years, we have advised enterprises successfully on strategy and performance optimization leading to demonstrably profitable outcomes including successful IPOs and private market exits.


Image by Henry Chen

Developed and executed strategies to access 24 Asian and European markets within five years, laying the foundation for a successful IPO; market capitalization of $3.4B

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