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Global Expansion Strategies

The integration of national economies into an ever expanding global economic system has been one of the most important developments of the last century.  A globalizing economy has led to increased economic growth and prosperity for countries and enterprises throughout the world.  Accessing a global market significantly increases potential customers, reduces and optimizes operations, and diversifies and de-risks revenues and growth. 


In spite of its allure, very few companies succeed in expanding globally.  In an analysis performed by HBR of 20,000 companies across 30 countries, companies selling abroad had an average Return on Assets (ROA) of minus 1% for as long as five years after their move and only a modest +1% ten years after expanding.  For firms to succeed abroad it is critical that they approach international expansion strategically, envisioning and engaging all stakeholders at the private and public levels.


Since its founding in 1993, ICDC has successfully consulted companies on global expansion across 110+ countries and six continents.  Using proven methodologies, ICDC consults companies on the creation of international growth strategies, identifying key contacts and opportunities to launch quickly, efficiently, and profitably.


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Generated $1.3B incremental revenue in Asia for a U.S. corporation in the health and wellness industry

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