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Joint Venture & Partnership Advisory

Competing in today’s global economy requires companies to innovate, create economies of scale, and optimize operational costs quickly to be competitive. In many instances, entering a new market via a go-it-alone strategy reduces speed of entry, creates operating inefficiencies, and requires a company to act with resources it may not have or has yet to develop.  Traditional merger and acquisition paths may be too cost intensive or present too much risk. Instead, partnership through joint ventures may be the best option for companies to grow quickly, efficiently, and with minimal risk to shareholders.


ICDC helps clients develop a partner-centric market expansion strategy, identifying synergistic partners who are vetted by local chambers of commerce and through our own thorough diligence processes.  Once identified, we utilize our extensive global networks, connecting clients to senior level decision-makers.  We then serve as advisory members to execute partnership and joint venture formation, guiding clients through regulatory, customary, and business frameworks to ensure partnership success.


ICDC has successfully consulted and advised clients on joint ventures and partnerships across industries and geographies.  Our experience has been invaluable in the identification, access, negotiation, and execution of partnerships leading to accelerated, profitable, and sustainable growth.


London City

Crafted and executed a strategy for a $2.7B U.S./U.K. joint venture in the Pacific Rim

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