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Diplomacy & Advocacy

Governments are engaging in the private sector in unprecedented fashions through increased regulation and intervention–particularly following the realities presented by a post-pandemic world.  Businesses are having to adapt quickly to these new norms both internally and externally.  Understanding and successfully navigating this new terrain will define businesses' success in the eyes of its customers, employees, and shareholders.


ICDC offers comprehensive solutions to advise private companies on how to strategically address financial and operational challenges, navigate disputes, and execute initiatives to negotiate and resolve policy, regulatory, government, and diplomatic issues that private companies may face anywhere in the world. 


Led by former U.S. Ambassador Gregory Newell, ICDC has more than 18 years of experience working in the public sector at the local, federal, and diplomatic levels, and more than 30 years of experience liaising between the private and public sectors.  Having successfully guided, represented, and advocated for companies internationally and domestically through critical junctures, ICDC has a wealth of credible experience advising and representing private enterprises with local and international government agencies.


Image by Thomas Habr

Conducted business and advised enterprises in 110+ countries

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